In a recent study it was reported that 81% of people researched their doctors before making an appointment, and this was found to be true even if they had been referred by another practitioner, here are 3 reasons why:

1. Because people don’t trust someone they don’t know.

Many people have limited time and financial resources so want to ensure they choose the right practitioner! People want to get to know you first and the decision to trust you is often made long before you even know about them! Creating a strong impression on the device of your potential patient is critical to them choosing you! Your first impression is no longer in person.

A comprehensive online presence with consistency in your branding and messaging builds your authority and creates trust.

2. Because they can. 

The last 10 years has seen a massive growth in online information. People google everything, and the market has responded. The internet is full of medical directories, medical reviews and social media comments. Unless you have a strong digital presence, that is all google has to show when someone googles you! Not a great first impression!

You have very little control of what others say about you, but you have 100% control of what you say about yourself!

4. Because it can affect the outcome.

Healthcare is a serious business. It’s often a question of life or death! People want to ensure that they choose a practitioner that they trust and who has the qualifications and skills to help.

If you do, you have to tell them or they will choose someone else!

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