Hello! I am Kira Goller

I am a previous Physiotherapist and current Digital Marketer. Cool combo and Interesting Story??


Here is the summary!


I worked as a physiotherapist in private practice for almost 15 years. I built 3 successful practices and while I loved patient care, I developed a huge passion for the business side of medical practice. When I found myself studying business instead of anatomy I realised it was time for a change!


In 2018 I followed a crazy opportunity to start an E Commerce business, and started my training in Digital Marketing. The business continues to thrive! I was invited as a guest on an international Digital Marketing Podcast to discuss it’s successs- CLICK HERE to listen!


It was time to combine! In September 2022 I was invited to attend Digital Marketer’s Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego, USA. While talking to one of my new friends about her business I suddenly had a moment of pure clarity. It was like a lightning bolt! I realized I was perfectly positioned to become an expert in the digital marketing of medical practitioners in South Africa and beyond! I also realized this was the link back to healthcare that I had been craving!

I returned home, registered Cazello and got to work organizing my plan! I had no shortage of interest and my waiting list grew!

I had found my calling and something that fully represented me. I am a creative person by nature and I had found a way to bring creativity to my first love, healthcare!


One by one we work with medical practitioners to develop their digital presence. 

Today I feel like we are part of a powerful movement changing the misconception that digital marketing is confusing, stale and unethical!  Our strategies are simple, fresh and super-efficient. We are empowering medical professionals to build an online presence their are confident and proud of, using a process that is efficient, fun and rooted in best digital marketing and ethical practice.

We are their support, we are their cheerleaders!


The world is online. Many Medical Pracitioners are not. We plan to change that!

We hope to build a strong group of forward-thinking Medical Practitioners who have harnessed the power of the Internet and embraced the opportunities it creates to educate, contribribute and build their careers! 

Ready to Build your Digital Presence? 

A little more about me…

In between the story above, I got married, had a son and twin girls!

My husband- an Orthopedic Surgeon- was my first client!