10 Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Your Practice

Here is a list of the 10 most commone mistakes I see ..and experienced as a Healthcare practictioner myself!

1. Not being crystal clear about who you are and who you serve

This is possibly the biggest and most common mistake I fix. Investing time and money into creating a detailed, comprehensive brand guide is absolutely crucial. It governs every single element of someone’s experience with you from what color pillow cases you buy to how your receptionist answers the phone. It’s a high level document that should be in the top drawer of everyone who works with you, and should be used to guide every decision you make about your business.

2. Not having a clear understanding our your patients journey to and with you

The road to your practice starts without you present! A study in 2018 reported that 80% of people had performed a healthcare related search in the previous year. You need to clearly understand the journey of a patient to your practice, so that you can offer guidance along the way.

3. Forgetting you own a Business

Many practitioners incorrectly believe that a medical practice is different to other forms of business. They are therefore excused from needing all the components required to run a successful business. They believe if they are a good practitioner then success will come.

We have entered a consumeristic era in healthcare, and practitioners who don’t adapt and utilize this change to their advantage will be left behind.

4. Confusing having a website with having a Good Website

Simply being Online is not good enough. It also bears mentioning that there is a difference between a designer and a digital marketer. Having a website that looks nice but does not convert people into patients is just Art. Think of your website as you would your home. It clearly reflects who you are, it houses important contents and it invites people in. It needs to be optimized for best user experience, search engines and for conversions.

5. Thinking that posting on social media means you have a Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy has many components of which social media posts are just one. Nothing works in isolation, every element has to work together in a cohesive systematic way, while staying 100% true to the brand and then you will see amazing results.

6. Forgetting that Google decides

Who decides which business shows up first in a search? Google Does!

I believe that you should always focus on what your patients need first, and then optimize it for internet search. By ensuring that you build authority and show google you are an expert you will give google the signals it needs to confidently send people to you when they search for something related to you! How will google know you are an authority? You need to tell them!

7. Assuming people “get it”

Never overestimate the average person’s level of understanding of a field in which you are an expert! Many concepts that are obvious to you, and very fuzzy to someone else. You need to speak to people at the level they understand – whether it’s in person or on your website.

8. Thinking you have a choice about creating content

You don’t! You need to create valuable content for yourself and for your patients. Previously the only form of publication was medical journals – this has changed dramatically! Podcasts, blog articles, social media content are all available to you to educate, inform and position yourself as an authority to your patients (and to google!)

9. Thinking that digital marketing removes the “Human Element”

It is the complete opposite! How much more personal can it get than having your publication on someone’s hand-held device in the privacy of their own home? That is the power of digital marketing. It gives you countless opportunities to speak to your audience when they are ready to listen. Gone are the days when all you had were the few minutes they were in front of you. You now have the platform to spread valuable information about yourself, your purpose and relevant healthcare topics.

10. Thinking you will get Online later

If not today, then when? The biggest obstacle is not knowing what to do and where to start. The good news is that you don’t need to enroll in a digital marketing course, you just need someone who knows what they are doing in Medical Marketing!

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